July 4, 2020

Yellowstone Oil Spill

On July 3rd, 2011, an oil spill occurred in the Yellowstone River, Montana. Approximately 42,000 gallons were released through a ruptured pipeline, about 16 miles southwest of Billings. Crews from Exxon Mobil have been surveying the area to determine how far the spill has spread, with Exxon spokesman Alan Jeffers claiming that the majority of the oil was confined to within 10 miles of the initial spill.

Yellowstone Oil Spill - 100

The Governor of Montana has disagreed with this estimate, and oil has been reported as far as 100 miles away. Clean up crews are using booms and absorbent material to try and contain the oil, while Exxon Mobil has said it will send a team to aid them. There is a fear that this may affect the fishing industry in the area, as well as the tourism industry. The EPA is working with state agencies and will be testing water, soil and air samples, as well as investigating what exactly caused the spill. Exxon will be held responsible for the cost of the cleanup. The Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, is scheduled to tour the affected area today, and will conduct a media briefing along with environmental and disaster response officials.|

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