November 26, 2020

Using A National Park Map To Get Around

A national park map would be extremely useful when exploring the various trails and hikes that exist in a specific area. With a map on hand, you can easily determine the best route between two places and work out the exact number of miles you would need to cover. Depending on the park you visit, the map may include such information as campgrounds, washroom facilities, prohibited areas, as well as geographic information such as rivers, forests, and mountains.

National Park Map

If you are to use a map to explore any of the country’s national parks, it would be vital to first of all familiarize yourself with how to read the document, if you do not, it would be only too easy to find yourself lost or disoriented. The title of the map will help you understand what it should be used for, for example it may be termed a trekking map, cross-country skiing map, or a road map.

Before you set off on any journey, be it by foot or by vehicle, study the map key carefully and be clear on what each of the symbols means. It is the map key that is perhaps the single most important piece of data.

You will find that the various symbols are located in a box, normally on the edge of the paper. Most of the symbols used are easy to understand, for example the notation for a river or a campground. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the different colors used for trails as this can denote their ease or difficulty.

It is also essential that you understand the map’s scale. National park maps are typically drawn to an exact scale, this is an important point to remember. A good example would be where a map scale of one inch equals ten miles in actuality. Never get confused by the scale, as if you do you may find that you do not reach your destination before night fall. Using a ruler or a pierce of string, you can easily work out the distance between various points.

It would be wise to study the map carefully at least a day before heading off on any trails or hikes, if you simply glance at the map at the last minute you may misinterpret certain information. When heading out in the country’s national parks, a little planning can save you from great hardship and difficulty.

There is the option of getting hold of relevant maps at the various national parks themselves, though today you can also check out the documents online and download and print any maps that would be of use to you.

As well as using a national park map, it is also important to call in at the park’s visitor center, as here you can be given updated information. For example, a certain section of the park may be closed due to flooding or storm damage. As long as you have the right information before setting off, a national park will always provide a lot of fun and enjoyment.

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