August 2, 2021

New Maine National Park Possible

“Roxanne Quimby is causing a lot of waves in the state of Maine.

For those who may not know, Roxanne Quimby is the founder of, Burt’s Bees Cosmetics, which has made her a millionaire.

national park

She is a conservationist, and has bought tens of thousands of acres of land in Nothern Maine.

She intends to turn 70,000 acres of land into a national park, known as, Maine Woods National Park.

She would like to have a visitor’s center named after Henry David Thoreau, who visited this part of Maine three times in the 1800′s.

This may sound all good, and to some people it is. However, the hunters and snowmobilers are not so happy. Being a conservationist, Quimby, has forbidden all hunting, logging, and snowmobiling activities on the land.

Although, some would say, Quimby, is being fair because she is allowing 30,000 acres of the her land to be used for such activities as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and so on. This would all run like a state park.”

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