November 26, 2020

Choosing The Right National Park Hotel

Spending time in a national park is a great way to pass a few days. There is very little that can compare to waking up surrounded by the most sublime panoramas and breathtaking vistas. Choosing the right national park hotel for your stay is essential if you want to have the most memorable and enjoyable experience.

National Park Hotel

The range of accommodation available in the country’s national parks is as diverse as the landscapes that are on offer. Apart from plush hotels, there are also affordable motels, traditional cabins and cottages, campgrounds, and RV sites. Before you make any booking, it is important to plan ahead and do your research. Understand that the most popular accommodation will be reserved far in advance during the busiest times of the year.

Prior to planning your trip, you will need to identify the national park you would like to visit and the type of accommodation that you would prefer. In popular parks, such as Yellowstone, there are a huge number of options. The less well known parks would not offer visitors such a wide choice, though this does not mean the accommodation would be of a poor standard.

Be aware that you may not be able to find luxurious lodging within a national park itself, though it can be possible in adjacent areas and towns. If staying outside the gates of a park, you may have to cover a considerable distance each day to travel between the hotel chosen and the park itself.

An interesting option that is worth considering would be to rent a cabin or cottage that has close up views of the pristine environment of the particular park. Many people prefer the option of self contained lodgings as they offer more privacy and a greater number of homely facilities. Being able to cook your own food, and relax in old fashioned comfort can add to the timeless appeal of a visit to a national park. As a general rule, cabins and cottages would be more costly than a hotel or motel, though this would of course depend upon the standard that exists and the time of the year.

Always consider the type of facilities you would like in the park accommodation. The option of an outdoor hot tub, were you can soak serenely at night whilst gazing up at the heavens, can make the stay a lot more enjoyable.

If you were to opt for a regular hotel, the attitude of the staff would be of prime importance. The employees should be able to offer you advice and suggestions as to how to make the best out of the experience. Also, you may prefer to stay in a hotel that offers guided tours of the park.

For the hardy traveller, there is always the option of sleeping out under canvas. Camping would allow you to get in touch with a park’s true environment. Most national park campgrounds are clean and well maintained. The only issues can be a lack of amenities and home comforts.

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